JUUL C1 Starter Kit

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The JUUL C1 Starter Kit can be paired with the JUUL app to access features like Monitor Your Usage, Locate Your JUUL, and Secure Your Device. APP ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID™ PLATFORM. Includes four JUULpods 18mg/ml nicotine strength.


Gain greater visibility into your usage. Monitor your usage in real time and track your daily, weekly, and monthly puffs.


JUUL C1 features automatic device security that can help prevent unauthorised use when it’s not in your possession. Manually lock the device, or set it to auto-lock.


Keep track of your JUUL C1 to help you stay on your switching journey. When in range, ping it to play a sound. If out of range, see where it was the last time it was paired to your phone.

The JUUL C1 Starter Kit includes a rechargeable JUUL C1 Device, USB Charging Dock, four JUULpods in 18 mg/ml, and a two year limited device warranty.

1. JUUL C1 Device | 2. Mango Nectar | 3. Golden Tobacco | 4. Glacier Mint | 5. Royal Crème | 6. USB Charging Dock

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