LYFT Berry Frost

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Lyft nicotine pouches are a non-tobacco based oral nicotine delivery experience. Made in Sweden they are sold in a 4mg and 6mg nicotine strength for discrete stimulation on the move.

Made of Fibers from Scandinavian Pine trees, nicotine, water, eucalyptus, stabilizers and flavourings; all in a small pouch that can be used anywhere.

Lyft requires no device, no batteries, no coils and no eliquid

Experience the fusion of the seasons in LYFT Berry Frost. Taste the combination of raspberry, blueberry and blackberries of the summer and feel how it melts together with the cooling fresh mint and menthol harshness of the cold winter air. We call it a "fused reality".


  • 1 x Container (24 Lyft pouches)
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