About Us

Smokium was established in 2014. A little idea the owner had was to create a place of knowledge in the vaping industry, a place where vapers and friends can gather and socialise with each other using the iconic bar design that many vape shops have now adopted.

Smokium sells everything a vaper will ever need, from beginners to advanced users. We have all kinds of vape starter kits, box mods, mechanical mods, RDA, RBA, tanks and coils. We also have a huge selection of e-juices or e-liquids that will satisfy your taste buds. Provided that we have not sold out on products due to demand, every person that enters Smokium will leave satisfied and ready to tackle smoking. The products that we sell have been approved with the highest quality control, so you as a customer feel 100% confident with our vape products.

What makes Smokium different to other vape shops is not just the amazing customer service and the extensive selection of high quality products we provide, but also the atmosphere; a friendly, approachable and enjoyable place to be.

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