Our staff are highly experienced in the vaping industry with over 10 years combined knowledge.

Any questions you may have, whether it’s how e-cigarettes work, questions about battery safety and what is in the e-liquids/e-juices, we will have the answer, feel free to ask!

What is Ejuice/Eliquid?

Eliquid or Ejuice is the consumable essence that we use in our devices, it carries the flavours as well as the nicotine (if needed). The Vape heats up the ejuice or eliquid into vapour form, so that we can inhale it.

What is VG/PG??

PG: Propylene Glycol – PG is an ingredient in E-liquid or E-Juice and is generally used to produce a ‘hit’ similar to that of a cigarette, it is also used to carry the flavourings in eliquid or ejuice. PG itself, can be found in various foods, i.e Hard boiled sweets, baked goods and deserts. It is also an ingredient used in Asthma Pumps.

VG: Vegetable Glycerin – VG is a thick, sweet liquid made out of plant extracts, which is responsible for the vapour production.

What level of nicotine should i use?

It’s difficult to say, usually it depends on the amount you smoke as well as the device you are using. Below are some guide lines, however if you find the recommended strength is too weak or too strong, then either go up a level, or down. In terms of beginners, it is better to start on the higher strength and work your way down.

Standard Pen style devices with 1.5 ohms or higher 0-5 Cigarettes a day: 0mg/3mg 5-10 Cigarettes a day: 6mg/12mg 10-15 Cigarettes a day: 12mg 15-20 Cigarettes a day: 18mg 20+ Cigarettes a day: Upgrade your device to sub-ohm

Does nicotine cause cancer?

No, Nicotine is an addictive ingredient found in cigarettes. Studies have shown that around 50 of the 5000 chemicals found in traditional cigarettes are known to cause cancer. Nicotine is not one of them. However, the Vape industry is still young and it will take years before we know the full extent of its effects.

Why do i get thirsty when i vape?

Vaping in general can dehydrate you, in a similar way to smoking traditional cigarettes. It is highly recommended that you drink more water or beverages to counteract the dehydration vaping gives.

What is the cracking/popping sound when i use my vape?

The Cracking/Popping sound that occurs whilst vaping is normal, what is happening is that the coil/atomizer is heating up the eliquid into vapour form and causes the noise.

Why is vaping different from smoking?

Vaping is the process of heating up eliquid into vapour form, which is then inhaled to provide the nicotine dosage. Smoking uses a naked flame that burns the tobacco causing smoke which is then inhaled, and also provides a nicotine dosage. However in doing so, you are also introducing your body to over 5000 different chemicals created when the combustion occurs.

Vaping has many different benefits as compared to smoking, for example:

Only 4 ingredients in E-cigarettes, PG, VG, Nicotine and flavourings, all of which are GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe.) Where as smoking has over 5000 different chemicals entering your system. After a Vaping session, you don’t smell of smoke compared to the traditional cigarettes. 1000s of different types of flavours available on the market which can be must more pleasant than traditional tobacco flavour. It can be cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes in the long run. No second hand smoke.

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