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Zeltu X Kit Review

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Zeltu X Refillable Pod System 🖤.

Choose @zeltuofficial this Tuesday👇


Rating: 7.5/10

Flavour/Vapor: 5

Pod/tank: 7.5

Battery: 9

Design: 8.5


The 1.6ohm and 1.2ohm coils are perfect for vaping Nic Salts however not suitable for thicker, 3mg - 9mg strength nicotine liquids⚠️

Don’t expect thick clouds with the Zeltu X 🌬


The open pod system means you can choose any flavor from any brand ✅

The pod is also super long lasting and well made which means more mileage and less leakage✅✅


1000mah battery is excellent in a pod device. More than enough to get you through a solid day of vaping ✅


Zeltu have broken away from the traditional pen style mod and engineered a box design that is slim yet sturdy. ✅

The aluminum body ensures durability and the mouth piece cover is a rare find among pod systems which appeals to the hygienists among us. ✅✅

The range of colors could be wider however simplicity is always a winner in our eyes.✅




Silver 👽

Rose Gold🌹

📦 In the box you receive 2 long lasting, leak free pod tanks refillable up to 15 times!

1 x 1.6ohm pod

1 x 1.2ohm pod


Features include:

Aluminum Body

Adjustable Airflow

LED Battery Indicator

Magnetic lock on Pods

Mouth piece protector

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